With a new year, new trends come too. And for those of us who are business owners or work in the marketing industry, we must stay current with new digital marketing trends to ensure our ads, posts, and other announcements are seen. Here are some important Marketing Trends for 2020.


Chatbots were introduced a couple of years ago, yet their implementation has only increased in popularity. Chatbots help keep your potential costumers on your website by answering any basic questions the visitors might have. The faster a response is and the easier it is for a person to obtain an answer, the most likely they will want to continue to use your product or to do a purchase.

Video Marketing

Most people love to watch videos. And when it comes to products, an explanatory video of how to use an item makes it more appealing for a consumer to want to purchase it as it makes them more confident in their decision. Through a short video, it is faster to explain and show a feel of your brand.

Influencer Marketing

With the increased use of social media across a larger demographic, and the rising stardom of different platform’s very own social media celebrities, better known as influencers, many companies have placed their trust in influencer marketing. Influencers will showcase brands, places of interest, products, etc in their social media channels for their subscribers to see, and most of the audience will feel appealed to try them too.

Voice Search and Smart Speakers

Most phone apps have added a voice search option into their search bar. For apps such as navigation or music, this has become quite helpful as it has made it safer for people to search when they are on the go. Online stores make it easier if someone cannot type of does not have access to a keyboard.

Which of these 2020 marketing trends will you be using for your company? Share with us at iZone Marketing and don’t forget to contact us if you need help with any of these!

Published On: January 6, 2020 / Categories: Online Marketing /