Other than using social media to increase your brand awareness and to showcase your products, you can use your platform to engage with your audience. It is the best strategy to beat the algorithm and stay all the way on the top of your viewer’s timelines! Keep them engaged with your social media pages by creating content that is relevant to them, particularly during holidays. Here are some ways in which you can start planning your 2020 social media content.

  1. Plan each month in advance.
    Meet with your team each month to brainstorm about the posts you’d like to create for your social media profiles. Keep important national dates in mind, as well as fun holidays that might even be linked to your product. For example, there are many food-related holidays which you can also use to offer a special discount on the day of. Bonus points if you ask them to “like this post” to get a discount on a side item!
  2. Think about your audience’s demographics.
    If you are proud to call yourself a local, small business, you may want to highlight events and activities that are native to and take place in the city where your business is located. Also, who are you catering your products to? Ensure this is reflected on the look and feel of your profile. Will you be at an event? Post about it. Will other vendors be there? Mention them! This leads us to…
  3. Reposting other account’s content.
    Do you like it when someone gives you a shout out? We are sure you do. Do the same for those accounts you do business with. Hopefully, they will repost you in return and this brings more traction towards your page.
  4. The quality of your content matters.
    Make sure your 2020 social media content reflects across all platforms and that it has entertaining elements, such as a catchy caption, a stunning visual, and maybe some gifs that capture people’s attention! It’s been proven that videos have higher engagement rates.

There you go! Now start by looking up main holidays in 2020, take advantage of relevant hashtags and link them to your posts’ content. If you are looking for a professional to create amazing content for your social media accounts, contact us! The iZone Marketing team works diligently each day to ensure our clients get only the best content to deliver to their audience.


Published On: January 9, 2020 / Categories: Online Marketing, Social Media /