As a business owner, no one knows your brand better than you, but does that mean that you are your brand? When you think of Apple, you think of Steve Jobs, and when you think of Microsoft, you think of Bill Gates, but do you consider them to be the face of the company? This is where many lines get crossed, and there are some grey areas. When you advertise your business, it’s essential to consider whether you are promoting yourself or your product. Keep reading to discover where to draw the line when it comes to your incorporation into the brand image. 


Personal vs. Public

As a business owner, it’s essential to keep your public life and private life separate. If you are a fan of social media, be sure to have a business page and a personal one. When you have news about your company or anything to do with the brand, post it on the business page. When you have something personal, share it with the personal page. Be careful not to overlap the two. Sure, your close friends and family will want to see your business succeed, but you can encourage them to follow both pages. When it comes to personal posts and achievements, you don’t want them flooded with comments about the company or brand, but rather from friends and family. Plus, if you want to share things that don’t align with the vision or viewpoint of the company, it’s best to save this for your personal page to avoid controversy. Sure, everyone has a right to freedom of speech, but you don’t want to post something that could cause you to lose customers. 



Yes, your fans and customers love to see you, but not all the time. Think about companies like Apple, Steve Jobs was not in every ad or commercial, but that doesn’t mean he wasn’t entirely behind the concept; he simply gave the brand room to breathe. When he made appearances in commercials or conferences, it was a big deal, as it should be. Customers want to know that you are working hard on the next project or proposal, not doing a photoshoot for an editorial. However, if something big happens, like our current pandemic, it is vital to show your face as a business owner to let people know that you are doing what you can to help the situation. Sprinkle yourself into the mix when possible, but remember that you are advertising your business, not yourself. 



Sometimes it can be hard to find the perfect balance between brand and business owner. Remember to listen to your customers and clients and be open to feedback and constructive criticism. Try to keep your personal life personal and never do anything that could affect your brand image. At the end of the day, you, as the business owner, represent your company with everything that you do, including the things you post and say. Take, for example, Jimmy Johns, a sandwich company that has met much trouble due to their CEO’s personal hobbies. Even though his actions don’t speak for the company, many people don’t want their money going towards supporting his controversial hobbies. Remember, that as the face of the company you can ultimately make or break your success.


As a business owner, it’s essential to keep the balance between personal and public to ensure your success. While you focus on your personal branding, allow our team to oversee your online reputation and social media.