Importance of Engaging Customers on Yelp

Yelp Engagement

A good Yelp page is essential for any business nowadays. Potential consumers are using Yelp reviews and ratings to compare and contrast different businesses. In addition, leaving reviews is one of the many important ways a consumer engages with a company and an easy means for them to feel their voice is heard. Yelp engagement is therefore very important in managing current customers and attracting new ones.

In general, only an extremely motivated consumer will leave a review. As such, most reviews left for a business are either very positive or very negative. Positive reviews inform the business that they are moving in the right direction. They show customer satisfaction and encourage the business to continue with a particular trend. A business should respond to positive reviews as a way of appreciation to the customer and encourage them to continue being their client and bring new customers. By responding to the reviews, the business can use current customers to market itself to potential clients.

Negative reviews are important as they inform the business of the areas they need to improve to ensure customers are satisfied. A business should at the very least acknowledge the review and show that they are willing to learn from their customers. The best practice would be to actively respond to all reviews left on Yelp, positive or negative as it shows a business’ dedication to providing quality products and services. The traffic on the page will increase, and this attracts potential customers that will lead to positive Yelp engagement and increased sales.

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