Excellent customer service can have a direct impact on the success of a business. However, with the continual rise of social media, the ways in which companies and their clients interact has drastically evolved and expanded. Now more than ever, it is absolutely vital for businesses to use social media effectively in order to survive. Read on below for our 6 simple tips to improve your social media presence!

Word of Mouth Interaction

This may seem self explanatory, but a good place to start improving your social media presence is by telling your clients to follow on their preferred social platform, such as Facebook or Instagram. This can be as simple as placing signs around the front of the business or including the logos for each site used on your business cards. Remembering to help your clients remember that you exist online as well as in person is a great way to boost your internet presence and social media following.

Username Unification

With several social media sites dominating the cyberscape and new platforms arriving on a daily basis, finding your profile may prove difficult for some users. It may seem small, but having the same username across each of your  social accounts will allow your customers to locate you more easily.

Use your Logo as your Profile Image

This also allows your customers to find your more easily on social media, however, it also has the added effect of making your posts stand out a bit more. Take for example a person that uses social media on a daily basis. This person will most likely scroll through quickly and stop whenever a post that includes an interesting or familiar image appears. Visual cues, therefore, can have a greater impact on getting your social posts noticed. In this case, a logo almost acts as a friendly face, something familiar that your clients will see and take notice of.

Post Responsibly

While you will want to keep your customers in the loop as well as keep your social pages active, over-posting can actually be a detriment to your page. Should your customers feel that your social media presence is overbearing or starting to encroach upon their normal use, this may result in less engagement on posts or even worse, fewer followers.

Respond to Client Feedback

Social Media not only allows customers to talk directly to businesses, but also allows other users to see these interactions in some cases. Replying to positivity as well as to negative comments can show other users that your business cares, as well as establish social media as a viable outlet for your customers to reach you.

In Summary

Social media users want substance when viewing their online content. In order to ensure that your customers are engaged with your posts, use items that will catch their eye such as images (gifs, memes) or videos. This will make your posts more interesting to the regular user as well as to potential new followers and it has been proven that posts that include more than simple text have a higher rate of interaction.

Keep these tips in mind as you embark on your journey to integrate social media use into your everyday routine. Using these skills can help to elevate your social media presence and improve your interactions with clients. For more information on all things ApartmentSEO stay tuned for future tips and updates!

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