If you can’t see your customers due to social distancing, it is essential to stay connected in other ways. Throughout the history of your company, you have worked hard to build relationships and gain trust, so don’t disappear on your clients or customers at a time like this. Now more than ever, it is essential to stay in plain sight and remain transparent with everyone. Here are some ways to connect with your customers while miles apart.

Offer Virtual Meetings

Regardless of what industry you work in, you can set up virtual meetings or consultations to keep the lines of communication open. Whether you are a doctor, lawyer, or professional chef, your people want to hear from you! You can do just about everything over the computer and with a little patience. Rather than putting your business on pause, simply change the platform on which you run it.


Be Honest

Let’s be honest and communicate openly with our clients. We get it; these are scary times, and perhaps one or two comforting commercials or ads are nice but don’t fall into the trap of toxic positivity. Instead, be open and honest and share your thoughts and concerns. We are all people struggling with the same issues here, and voicing that will make people sympathetic to your cause rather than see you as another business chasing after money.


Host Digital Events

Just about everyone is bored at home, so give them something to look forward to. Host an event that is relevant to your industry and invite everyone you know. Do you own a theater? Perform a new script or test out some stand-up comedy. Are you a chef? Go live and teach your fans how to make your favorite meal. No matter how small an event might be, it will give your customers and clients something to enjoy.

So now that you know how to stay connected with your customers we hope you give it a shot. Soon enough, things will return to normal, and your customers will remember and appreciate how you interacted with them during these times. So offer virtual meetings, be honest, and host events! Have any other tips? Share ‘em in the comments below!