If you have been working on finding ways to increase user traffic to your website, you might have come across the terms “paid search” and “organic search.” It is essential to learn about these if you want potential customers and clients to find your business quickly and easily. So what’s the difference between paid search and organic search? Let the iZone digital marketing experts explain!

Paid search.

Paid search, also known as Pay-Per-Click or PPC, is when you pay to have your ads shown at the top of the Google search results page. Paid Search/PPC requires a budget through purchasing and running ad campaigns. This makes PPC more of an instant approach, as internet users are more prone to click on the results they see first. Of course, modern-day internet regulations require that the “Ad” icon shows right next to the placement.

Organic search.

Organic search is the natural order in which your website will show in the results pages. These pages are programmed to show results by relevance to a user’s search, and in order to keep your website relevant, you have to constantly keep it updated with appropriate keywords and optimize your site frequently in order to get it to rank higher. It can take at least 3 months to reflect a difference in any search engine’s results.

SEO comes in the form of organic search through various useful content updates (that is, the text within the website, and even posting blogs weekly or monthly) and website design.

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