At iZone Marketing, we work with an abundance of small businesses, just like yours! Small businesses are our passion, and we love working with our clients and helping their company grow. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither were big businesses like Apple or Google! We know that your company has so much potential and we want to help you succeed. Keep reading to find out more about why we love working with small businesses.


The Mission

When businesses first start, their mission is apparent. By communicating with the CEO or marketing manager of a business, we can truly understand their purpose and what the company means to them. You started your company for a reason, and we want to understand it and utilize it to help you reach your goals. The bigger a company becomes, the harder it is to truly determine what its mission is other than continuing to grow.


The Communication

Small businesses are great to work with because the communication is excellent. When working with a large company, the lines of communication can conflict, due to many personas and voices that often contradict each other; however, a smaller company can provide clear and concise direction as we work together.


The Voice

Often, small businesses that are up and coming don’t yet have a determined voice. When we work hand in hand with your company, we can help you develop one properly-suited to your clients. Working with a big company means taking on a predetermined voice that may or may not necessarily be working for them, and often, you are expected to go along with it regardless.

The Clients

The best thing about working with small businesses is working with amazing clients like you! The people behind the magic have these fantastic ideas, and we can’t wait to see them grow and flourish into something amazing. Our clients are powerhouses in their industries, and we know that their intentions and ideas are great.
So, when it comes to our industry, we thrive because we love the work we do. Your company becomes our passion project here at iZone Marketing, and we can’t wait to watch your small business grow!