We’ve talked about the importance of having an online presence and how having a website is an important staple to prove the credibility and existence of your business or organization. Visuals have become crucial in the digital era, and you should consider it a rule to apply everywhere. So, how should your website look? First, let’s take a look at some different types of web designs to see which one fits best for you.

Minimalist Web Design

Minimalist websites are the ones in which an enormous image seems to be taking over the screen. The colors are simple, mostly monochromatic. There is still a menu and the brand’s name in a corner, however, the first thing you see is what captivates you. Minimalist websites are ideal for artists who wish to showcase their portfolio in a menu. Choosing their best piece to be on their landing page creates an impact, curiosity, and helps the user not to be overwhelmed with the amount of the creator’s work.

Single-Page Web Design

Single-page websites have the most practical design. It allows the user to know what they are getting into as the information is presented both with an image and text, at most a blurb that defines the company or brand’s purpose or mission. For the most part, single-page websites will allow a user to scroll down (or to the side) to find more information further.

Illustrative Web Design.

If there’s just too much going on that can be better described in pictures rather than in words, a website that is made mostly of illustration might help create the hype you need! Illustrative web designs are ideal for festivals, conventions, or promoting a city or region’s culture as the imagery displays the possibilities that could be happening within the events.

Are any of these web designs right for your business? At iZone Marketing, we design websites! Leave it to our experts to assist you with making the choice that is right for you. Visit our website to view our services and some of the projects we have worked on!