As a small business, you have to learn to take the good with the bad and happy with the sad. Not everything can be positive all the time, but negatives don’t always have to be viewed as mistakes. When it comes to feedback, both positive and negative, there is much to be learned, and you should never shy away from some constructive criticism. Keep reading to discover all the ways you can improve from feedback. 


Focus on Facts but Consider Opinions

When you receive feedback both online and in-person, it’s essential to break down the things they say to you. Facts are things that you can work with and learn from. For example, if someone says they called five times and no one answered, you know that you need to improve on communication. If someone returns an item or product because it is broken or faulty, you know that you need to manufacture things better. Facts are indisputable and there is much to be learned from them, but opinions should also be considered, though taken with a grain of salt. If you hear the same opinion multiple times from different people, then perhaps there is some gravity to their words. 


Encourage Reviews

There is nothing worse than not being told that there is a problem until it’s too late to fix it! Reviews are a great way to encourage people to provide you with feedback that you can learn and grow from. Yes, many companies want reviews for SEO purposes, but there is so much more to them than that. You can gain so much knowledge from reading reviews and find areas for improvement. Of course, you will love the positive reviews much more than the negative ones, but the negative ones provide you with more insight into yourself and the company. 


Show That You Can Change

Reviews and feedback aren’t just there for prospective customers; they are there for you! Showing that you can learn from your mistakes will encourage people to come back and give you a second chance. Take the feedback and utilize it to grow; that way, your customers will play a huge role in advancing your business because their opinions matter.


As you continue to strive on into the new year, encourage feedback and be confident enough to take the positive with the negative and use the negative to grow. Do you have any questions about feedback? Share them with us in the comments below.