Since it looks like remote work will be with us a bit longer than planned, it’s time to invest in some programs that can help you and your company succeed. While email, Zoom, and of course, the trusted telephone have remained necessary and very helpful, there are many programs out there that were built with your exact situation in mind. Keep reading to discover the best programs for remote work. 



If you are not familiar with Slack, now might be the perfect time to learn. This program makes working with a team almost as easy as being in an office. Slack is easy to use and offers a better way to communicate, with channels, hashtags, and connections to apps. According to their website, over 750,000 companies use Slack to get work done. This program allows you to follow along with everything related to individual topics, projects, and teams in their dedicated channel; this is a great way to ensure clear communication and transparency. 



As one of the most customizable programs out there, Trello can fit your unique needs. It is ultimately a living, breathing project hub for cross-team collaboration no matter where you work. Regardless of what industry you work in, Trello can be designed to fit your specific needs. Plus, it is a very visually friendly interface, allowing you to see all information at a glance. 



Salesforce is a great way to transform your business digitally. It unites all your departments from anywhere with one integrated CRM platform that powers all of their suits and apps. Whether you use it to connect and communicate with coworkers or customers, this program is a great way to bring your company into the digital world. 


If you are working remotely and not utilizing one of the aforementioned programs, what are you waiting for? All of these platforms are great options to make sure your company can communicate and continue to deliver! Did we miss an amazing platform on our list? Share it with us in the comments below.