So, you’ve finally taken the plunge and made an Instagram account. You make a dedicated action plan to post every day across all of your social platforms and you actually stick to it! Two weeks later you’ve only gained 3 followers and a handful of likes, naturally, you feel like you’ve failed. Unfortunately, powerhouse branding cannot be forged overnight and it will take a bit longer to celebrate the fruits of your labor. Still, any growth is a sign that your efforts are paying off and you may need to look a little deeper to see how well you’re doing. Below of a few tips for measuring your Social Media Success!



If you’ve already laid out a social media strategy, you’re ahead of the game. Goal setting is critical in order to measure your progress later. Be careful not to make your goals too ambitious and always be flexible with your strategy.


Track Your ROI To Ensure Your Goals Are Being Met

Using Google Analytics is the easiest way to track your social media goals. Once you link all of you accounts through Google’s URL Builder, you can set up your goals in reference to different ad campaigns. This way you can easily keep up with your pages’ engagement and overall reach.


Track Your Social Media Expenses

Equally important, you want to know exactly how much time and money you are putting into your accounts. This includes your man hours, paid help and of course, ad spend. You can plug all of your numbers into a simple ROI formula to find out if your efforts are actually paying off.


Measuring your social media success is not only possible but crucial! With mobile commerce dollars steadily growing, there’s no reason why your company shouldn’t be taking advantage of America’s new favorite way to advertise. Following the steps above should give you a better understanding of this new world but this is just the tip of the iceberg. If you’ve crunched the numbers and are seeing the growth you were anticipating it may be time to bring in some help. Let us at iZone Marketing come up with a winning strategy and build your brand for you!


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